Month: February 2014

Complex interview with rick williams

If you’re a sneakerhead, read-on. If not, do so anyway and learn about one of the good guys in the sneaker game. Rick Williams, owner of Burn Rubber (boutique in Detroit), talks about his experiences designing sneakers. One of my favorite things is that he talks about telling a story. So much about sneakers is about stories and that’s not something that’s appreciated enough. Behind every sneaker should be a story. It doesn’t need to be some crazy, elaborate story, but something that inspires and explains. Read here


Photo cred – nice kicks (link)


WhatsApp to add voice services

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.56.45 PM

After announcing their sale to Facebook for $16 billion (yes, that’s a ‘b’), WhatsApp just announced that they will be introducing voice services to the app by the end of the Q2. 4 billion up front in cash for the WhatsApp team, as well as 12 billion in Facebook shares. WhatsApp also released info that stated that since the sale to Facebook, 15 million users have joined the app. Fun fact about WhatsApp, there are 465 mil users per month and 330 million users daily. Facebook has 750 million active users daily, so that should put the WhatsApp usage numbers in perspective. Facebook’s acquisition speaks to its partial admittance that they can’t find the sweet spot on mobile and with instan messaging. Look for more changes from WhatsApp in the coming months.


Money Mayweather to fight Maidana on May 3

Happy belated birthday Money May! And what a way to celebrate the birthday by announcing another fight. I love Mayweather, unreal hands, quick, defense. The only slight on him is that he doesn’t knock anybody out anymore. But that’s part of the beauty. He rarely gets tagged and he does a lot of tagging himself. Yeah, he cheap-shotted Victor Ortiz, but Ortiz wasn’t going to win that fight. Yeah, he flaunts his money like it’s going out of style. Yeah, he’s loud,¬†boisterous, and cocky – well guess what, he’s 45-0. Never lost a professional fight. Until someone stops him, he can be as cocky as he wants.
ESPN Article here



Sochi Olympics Recap

The Closing Ceremony for the 2014 Winter Games was yesterday, closed out by a mechanized Teddy Bear blowing out the ceremonial torch. Have to admit, the only part of the Olympics that I really watched or paid attention to was hockey. The time difference was brutal and every time something happened, I would see it on ESPN, twitter, everywhere and it would ruin the re-air that NBC did in primetime. US Hockey didn’t get a medal and looked sorry in the bronze medal game, Shaun White didn’t win a medal, and Putin will probably have the Russian hockey coached knocked off. That’s about it for the Olympics right there in one sentence. Oh and it was 60 degrees everyday in Sochi – perfect weather for the¬†Winter Olympics.

Here are some awesome photos from the Games, which actually wasn’t as brutal as everyone expected. Here

Jason Collins signs with Brooklyn Nets

Making news this weekend in the NBA was Jason Collins signing a 10-day deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Collins made headlines in the past when he announced that he was openly gay, and is the first openly gay player to appear in a US professional sport. Personally, I don’t care about one’s sexual orientation – if he or she helps the team reach its goal, terrific – that’s the name of the game. Yes, it is ground-breaking for him to be the first athlete to do so, and with a similar announcement coming from Michael Sam (Mizzou football player, soon-to-be-drafted in the NFL), strides are being made in US professional sports. And it’s been a long time coming; long overdue. Yes, there will be a media frenzy, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction for gay athletes everywhere to feel welcomed in professional sports.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.02.44 AMPhoto cred

Trout to sign massive extension

After just two years of Major League Baseball service, Mike Trout is about to get PAID. The 22 year old is in talks with the Angels on a new 6 year, $150 mil deal. Trout, who made around 1 mil last year in incentives, is about to do the same this year, but the Angels want to take away some of his free agent years and lock him up.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the two sides are a few numbers apart, but the AAV (average annual value) breakdown could look something like this:
2014: 2 mil + 10 mil signing bonus
2015: 13 mil
2016: 22 mil
2017: 30 mil
2018: 35 mil
2019: 38 mil

No, that $38 mil in 2019 is not a typo

The Mercurial Eddie Johnson Uncovered

ESPN writer Jeff Carlisle profiles current DC United forward, and ex-Seattle Sounder, Eddie Johnson. Always an enigma, and viewed as a Balotelli-like wild child, EJ tries to shed the label of being a trouble maker. As a player whose career started so brightly – earning a trip over to the EPL with Fulham – EJ’s career has been up and down having played for 4 or so MLS teams. He’s played in the EPL, the Greek League and MLS in his career, and just coming to find his place in the USMNT side ahead of the World Cup in Brazil. Johnson has always seemed to be buddies with fellow national team member, Clint Dempsey, yet the money that Seattle gave to Dempsey might have been what pushed EJ past his breaking point. A solid reach for any USMNT soccer fan.

Sochi? You mean “Oshie”

In a thrilling prelim game at the 2014 Winter Olympics, the US took on host nation Russia early this morning. After a controversial Russian goal was (correctly) disallowed at the end of the 3rd period, and a scoreless OT, TJ Oshie was the hero for the American’s scoring 4/6 penalty shots including the winner below. Oshie is a household name in the US hockey community now – that’s for sure.

It was a back and forth game, awesome to watch. Gotta love hoe Olympic hockey has no commercials during periods and only allow stoppages for ice cleaning. Much faster and quicker game. The US got dominated during stretches, but the Power Play was crucial is the game, as that is where the two US goals came from in regulation.

Massive Move for US Soccer

Bayern Munich forward, Julian Green confirmed that he will be training with the US before a friendly on March 5 – ahead of the World Cup. This is an absolutely massive move for any US Soccer fans. The 18 year old forward has featured in Champions League Winner Bayern’s first team a few times this season and looks ready for the limelight. Green, who has the ability to play for the US and Germany, has yet to declare allegiance to a nation, but seemingly this is a step in the direction of Uncle Sam’s Army. HUGE news for the US. ESPN Article here

10 Year Anniversary of ‘The College Dropout’

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Kanye West’s release of College Dropout, probably THE album that jump started his career. An absolute jam of an album – yeah, it’s super mainstream now and was, but still an awesome album. Classic Kanye, lyricism and beats to make anyone sing along. Then album featured collabs from Syleena Johnson, Jigga, Twista, Jamie Foxx, Luda and Mos Def – a solid lineup. A couple of my favorite songs from the album were: All Falls Down, Two Words, Through the Wire (when ‘Ye fractured his jaw in a car accident and rapped through his mouth wired shut) and Family Business (totally underrated and probably the best song).

Oh and Kanye had an awesome cake to commemorate the occasion

College Dropout Cake - Instagram ( Complex via Instagram (link)