WhatsApp to add voice services

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 12.56.45 PM

After announcing their sale to Facebook for $16 billion (yes, that’s a ‘b’), WhatsApp just announced that they will be introducing voice services to the app by the end of the Q2. 4 billion up front in cash for the WhatsApp team, as well as 12 billion in Facebook shares. WhatsApp also released info that stated that since the sale to Facebook, 15 million users have joined the app. Fun fact about WhatsApp, there are 465 mil users per month and 330 million users daily. Facebook has 750 million active users daily, so that should put the WhatsApp usage numbers in perspective. Facebook’s acquisition speaks to its partial admittance that they can’t find the sweet spot on mobile and with instan messaging. Look for more changes from WhatsApp in the coming months.



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