Month: March 2014

Twitter Engagement

Engagements on social are an ever-changing landscape, and in this article, twitter tries to shed some light on how they see engagement on their platform. Here are a couple highlights for fellow social media noobs:

  • Tweets with photos see 35% increase in RT
  • Videos: 28%
  • Quotes: 19%
  • Numbers: 17%
  • Hashtags: 16%

Just goes to show how content within twitter is vital to engagement success.


Inspiring story of 15 year old entrepreneur

This kid is about 357x smarter than I am. He took a bunch of junk and turned it into a FM radio transmitter. He wants to make a solar-powered electrical system to provide heat/electricity to his community. The kid got a three-week grant to work at MIT, work with tools, trinkets and some fellow geniuses – a really inspiring story. The video is 10 minutes long, but is super inspiring. He’s also 15 years old…

Between Two Ferns – President Obama

I’m a little late in posting this, and it’s already made its rounds across the web, but still an awesome watch. Zach Galifinakis’ “Between Two Ferns” has always been hilarious, and surprisingly, President Obama agreed to join the show. In a cheeky way, Obama is promoting, and it seemed to increase traffic to the site. Still a worthwhile watch.

Google Glass at SXSW

An awesome, intriguing and interesting take on Google Glass can be found here – it was really thought provoking. We all think of Glass as this crazy technology that’s super cool and loads of people will have it in less than a decade. That being said, I never thought about the social implications of it. If I’m talking to someone who is using Glass, I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing with it – and that’s creepy, weird and intimidating. Yeah, Glass is a super cool concept, but think about how many people it would rub the wrong way. Not everyone is going to be a Glass user – parents, and Google haters alike won’t use the product – and those people will be at the forefront of the crowd saying that it’s weird. The 3-4 minute video on Yahoo! is worth the watch. Check it out.

And here is a demo of how Glass works

Spurs get thrashed

I’ll stand up and be the first person to declare my allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur, but oh my lanta, this is getting absurd. Spurs got TRASHED again this past Saturday and Stamford Bridge, by a Chelsea team who is fighting for the title. Do I expect a win versus every top-4 team? No, but I would not like to get blown out of the gym every time…6-1 to City, 5-0 to Liverpool, now 4-0 to Chelsea. No way Tim Sherwood keeps his job, no way Daniel Levy will have any of these shenanigans and it looks like the players are starting to lose it too. Vertonghen has to go. He’s been whining for weeks now, and hasn’t had the play to back it up. All FOUR of Chelsea’s goals can be attributed to horrific (I’m talking middle school scrum, horrific) defending. Sandro fell over once, Vertonghen gave the ball to Eto’o for a walk in goal, Walker was to blame on another and Kaboul got sent off and conceded a penalty. On a side note, I’m in favor of getting rid of the double death – a player concedes a penalty and gets sent off…I know you’re supposed to be sent off for denying a clear scoring opportunity, but a penalty is plenty to cover for that.

Moral of the story is Spurs are no where near challenging for a top-spot and it was silly to think that they would. No team makes it very far with their goal difference being zero, a suspect defence outside of Michael Dawson, Hugo being good for a-gaf-a-game and Ade the only goalscorer.

ESPN had a scathing article about Spurs, which is a good read as well (here).

Wearable technology

Call it crazy, but this is where we are headed with technology. The product in the video below seems really cool, but not necessarily applicable/realistic. We’ve all seem the demo videos of Google Glass and it seems to work perfect, flawless, etc., but when real people use the devices (and not just shown in ads), we start to see its true colors. Kiwi move is a smart device that learns your schedule, allows you to set keywords, sounds and movements to bring about certain features – pretty cool, but again, not sure how well it works. Check it out

Facebook update

No one likes Facebook…and I’m talking about the brand, the company and the people that work there. Brands are finding it harder and harder to reach their audiences in an organic, authentic way. Facebook is such that if you want to see success, you’re going to have to fork over some serious paid support. One thing that is new in the past few weeks is that if a brand tags another brand in a post, fans of both pages could potentially see the post – a minor tweak, but it’ll be interesting to see how brands can benefit.

Mashable article here


Uber makes major changes to app

I’m a huge Uber supporter, super convenient, reliable, and trustworthy – my only gripe is the cost/surge pricing and Uber is recognizing that. They’re rolling out an update (for iOS users) this week that will allow users to request a push notification when surge pricing decreases in their area. If surge pricing drops in your area within 30 minutes of your request, Uber will send you a notification. Hopefully, this allows users to wait out the price hikes and avoid the INSANITY that surge pricing is. I understand how surge pricing works and that it is necessary, but when I travel 2.1 miles and it costs me $80, that’s a bit insane. TechCrunch details the update here.


When you know you’re a redneck…

Jake Peavy, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is as cool as they come. The dude helped the Sox win another World Series, capping off the ‘worst to first’ mantra for 2013. He then went ahead and bought the duck boat that he rode in for the parade. He’s a hardcore hunter, owns a 2000-acre ranch in Alabama and apparently loves his fishing. According to Sox Manager John Farrell, Peavy was lucky not to lose his finger when a recent fishing knife incident occurred. ESPN Story here. And the guy crushed the parade…

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 7.59.32 PM