Spurs get thrashed

I’ll stand up and be the first person to declare my allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur, but oh my lanta, this is getting absurd. Spurs got TRASHED again this past Saturday and Stamford Bridge, by a Chelsea team who is fighting for the title. Do I expect a win versus every top-4 team? No, but I would not like to get blown out of the gym every time…6-1 to City, 5-0 to Liverpool, now 4-0 to Chelsea. No way Tim Sherwood keeps his job, no way Daniel Levy will have any of these shenanigans and it looks like the players are starting to lose it too. Vertonghen has to go. He’s been whining for weeks now, and hasn’t had the play to back it up. All FOUR of Chelsea’s goals can be attributed to horrific (I’m talking middle school scrum, horrific) defending. Sandro fell over once, Vertonghen gave the ball to Eto’o for a walk in goal, Walker was to blame on another and Kaboul got sent off and conceded a penalty. On a side note, I’m in favor of getting rid of the double death – a player concedes a penalty and gets sent off…I know you’re supposed to be sent off for denying a clear scoring opportunity, but a penalty is plenty to cover for that.

Moral of the story is Spurs are no where near challenging for a top-spot and it was silly to think that they would. No team makes it very far with their goal difference being zero, a suspect defence outside of Michael Dawson, Hugo being good for a-gaf-a-game and Ade the only goalscorer.

ESPN had a scathing article about Spurs, which is a good read as well (here).


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