Google Glass at SXSW

An awesome, intriguing and interesting take on Google Glass can be found here – it was really thought provoking. We all think of Glass as this crazy technology that’s super cool and loads of people will have it in less than a decade. That being said, I never thought about the social implications of it. If I’m talking to someone who is using Glass, I have absolutely no idea what they’re doing with it – and that’s creepy, weird and intimidating. Yeah, Glass is a super cool concept, but think about how many people it would rub the wrong way. Not everyone is going to be a Glass user – parents, and Google haters alike won’t use the product – and those people will be at the forefront of the crowd saying that it’s weird. The 3-4 minute video on Yahoo! is worth the watch. Check it out.

And here is a demo of how Glass works


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