Richard Sherman needs to shut up

He always has to say something.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman is butting his head into the conversation yet again – for no reason. This time, it’s about DeSean Jackson getting cut from the Eagles. Jackson was rumored to have “gang-ties” and was released within 24 hours – that being said he also has a massive cap hit for this year and the next two years – which is the primary reason that he was released. Sherman ignores that fact. He looks at people saying that Jackson was cut for gang affiliations, when in reality, the main issue is Jackson’s 12.5 mil cap hit (2014), 12 mil (’15), 10 mil (’16). Sherman says it’s the media portraying Jackson as a bad guy and the gang ties are his downfall, not that his cap hit is huge and the Eagles have a plethora of receivers. Sherman being Sherman.

Complex sums up the story here


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