Facebook introduces audience insights

No one likes Facebook – brands, users, dogs, inanimate objects, you name it. As a digital marketer, you’re frustrated by Facebook’s continuing algorithm changes which make organic reach minuscule. The constant need to put paid support behind posts is something that is becoming more and more important. Organic reach is down below 2% after hovering around 5% for a while. If you built a page with high engagement and far-out-reach, congrats! Now you can’t reach any of your fans, your reach, organic growth and reach are probably in the toilet.

Facebook did produce something of value in the past couple days, a new component titled “Audience insights” which allows you to take a deeper dive into insights of your audience. The insights will try to shed light on:

  • Facebook Usage
  • Purchase Activity
  • Demographics (more in depth than current breakdowns)
  • Page fans/like
  • Location, Language

It’ll be interesting to see how community managers and digital marketers alike will use this tool, but perhaps its Facebook throwing those same people a bone.

More in depth article here


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