Trout to sign massive extension

After just two years of Major League Baseball service, Mike Trout is about to get PAID. The 22 year old is in talks with the Angels on a new 6 year, $150 mil deal. Trout, who made around 1 mil last year in incentives, is about to do the same this year, but the Angels want to take away some of his free agent years and lock him up.

According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the two sides are a few numbers apart, but the AAV (average annual value) breakdown could look something like this:
2014: 2 mil + 10 mil signing bonus
2015: 13 mil
2016: 22 mil
2017: 30 mil
2018: 35 mil
2019: 38 mil

No, that $38 mil in 2019 is not a typo