Jason Collins signs with Brooklyn Nets

Making news this weekend in the NBA was Jason Collins signing a 10-day deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Collins made headlines in the past when he announced that he was openly gay, and is the first openly gay player to appear in a US professional sport. Personally, I don’t care about one’s sexual orientation – if he or she helps the team reach its goal, terrific – that’s the name of the game. Yes, it is ground-breaking for him to be the first athlete to do so, and with a similar announcement coming from Michael Sam (Mizzou football player, soon-to-be-drafted in the NFL), strides are being made in US professional sports. And it’s been a long time coming; long overdue. Yes, there will be a media frenzy, but hopefully this is a step in the right direction for gay athletes everywhere to feel welcomed in professional sports.

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Melo goes off

Carmelo Anthony dropped 62 points last night on the hapless and Kemba Walker-less Bobcats last night. The most points in New York Knick history, which is a fairly large achievement considering the players that the franchise has had throughout its history. Personally, I’m not a huge Melo guy – a “volume” scorer if you will. Sure he will put up 30 any given night, but that’s going to be on 20-30 shots. I do give him credit for being a good rebounder, but he’s a sorry defender and won’t ever be “the guy” on an NBA Championship team. He needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and that’s not a recipe for success – not that the Knicks know anything about that. Grainy highlights below