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Clowney making moves


The first round of  the 2014 NFL Draft took place a couple days ago, and South Carolina defensive end, Jadeveon Clowney was the top overall pick; he went to the Houston Texans in a not-so-shocking moment. More of note (for me) is that Clowney signed on with PUMA – the third NFL’er to do so, behind Jamaal Charles (RB – Kansas City Chiefs) and Julian Edelman (WR – New England Patriots). PUMA doesn’t have a deal with the NFL, so Clowney and his fellow PUMA guys won’t be wearing cleats on field, but he will certainly rep them in the training/practice space. An interesting move for PUMA as it continues to invest in NFL players (no way Clowney was cheap – and he wore Under Armour in College), while having no direct affiliation with the sport. Will be interesting to see how PUMA utilizes Clowney (it’s biggest NFL name).


Money May is his nickname for a reason

ESPN released an infographic showing the world’s highest paying athletes. No surprise, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is at the top of the list, followed by two footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – to no surprise. I got a little chuckle when I saw Ronaldo makes 50.2 mil and Messi makes 50.1 mil – definitely Ronaldo saying to Real Madrid that he wanted to be the highest paid player in the world and nudging Messi by 100k.

I was surprised to see Zach Greinke atop the list for baseball players – he’s well overpaid. Just goes to show how ridiculous baseball contracts have turned into in the past decade or so.
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ESPN Infographic

Richard Sherman needs to shut up

He always has to say something.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman is butting his head into the conversation yet again – for no reason. This time, it’s about DeSean Jackson getting cut from the Eagles. Jackson was rumored to have “gang-ties” and was released within 24 hours – that being said he also has a massive cap hit for this year and the next two years – which is the primary reason that he was released. Sherman ignores that fact. He looks at people saying that Jackson was cut for gang affiliations, when in reality, the main issue is Jackson’s 12.5 mil cap hit (2014), 12 mil (’15), 10 mil (’16). Sherman says it’s the media portraying Jackson as a bad guy and the gang ties are his downfall, not that his cap hit is huge and the Eagles have a plethora of receivers. Sherman being Sherman.

Complex sums up the story here

When you know you’re a redneck…

Jake Peavy, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, is as cool as they come. The dude helped the Sox win another World Series, capping off the ‘worst to first’ mantra for 2013. He then went ahead and bought the duck boat that he rode in for the parade. He’s a hardcore hunter, owns a 2000-acre ranch in Alabama and apparently loves his fishing. According to Sox Manager John Farrell, Peavy was lucky not to lose his finger when a recent fishing knife incident occurred. ESPN Story here. And the guy crushed the parade…

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Sochi Kicks Off

The Olympics are finally underway, but not without a plethora of misfortunes that athletes are experiencing. One British athlete called for the elevator, only for the doors to open with no car. An American athlete’s bathroom door got stuck and he had to bust a hole through the door to get out. At the start of the cross-country event, stray dogs ran across the track and were barking all over the telecast. In the Opening Ceremony, five snowflakes were supposed to digitally transform into the five Olympic Rings, only for four out of the five to do so. Russia has spent $50 billion on preparations for the Olympics, while the costs in Vancouver were roughly $4 billion – a drastic different, with the quality of the Games not so much…

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