If you’re a social media wizard/guru/ninja/master…


Think you know everything about social? Think again people, check out this Buzzfeed list of the 21 things you wish you knew sooner about social. The last one about WiFi is the most helpful. Check it out!



Best Kanye West songs…

Thought Catalog did a breakdown of Kanye’s top 25 songs ever…one might say I disagree. I’m a huge fan of older Kanye –> College Dropout and Late Registration Kanye – before he went all Yeezus and Kardashian on us. TC says his #1 song ever is Runaway. NO WAY. That barely even cracks the top 25 in my book.

Here is my top 10 with Thought Catalog’s top 10 here

10. All Falls Down
9. Diamonds
8. Slow Jamz
7. Gold Digger
6. Jesus Walks
5. Stronger
4. All of the Lights
3. Good Morning
2. Family Business
1. Touch the Sky

Nike Abandons Fuelband

Making big news in the past couple of weeks in the Wearable Tech space is that Nike has laid off all of its FuelBand team. Everyone. That’s a pretty big play considering how much Nike pushed the product and created a 2.0 version less than a year ago. Rumor on the street is that Nike is focusing all of its wearable efforts on a collab with iWatch – yet another Apple product to incorporate Nike. Should be interesting how that plays out and what the shift means for the wearable tech space (which no one has quite figured out yet).

Verge story here

Instagram vs. Twitter


If you’re someone who is in tune with social, you know that Instagram is gaining ground (quickly) on twitter in terms of engagements and users. 44% of all twitter accounts ever created are inactive – that’s almost half of its user base – a crazy statistic. This article takes a great dive into some of the finer details in the battle between IG and Twitter. On IG, automotive companies are doing really well, and there is plenty of growth opportunities for Tech companies – especially those who don’t have a tangible product. I always wonder how companies who don’t have a physical product view instagram; do they think it’s a place where they can’t operate? Do they tell stories about company culture and the results that their technology yields? In any event, this debate over Twitter vs. Instagram will be an ongoing one.

Money May is his nickname for a reason

ESPN released an infographic showing the world’s highest paying athletes. No surprise, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is at the top of the list, followed by two footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi – to no surprise. I got a little chuckle when I saw Ronaldo makes 50.2 mil and Messi makes 50.1 mil – definitely Ronaldo saying to Real Madrid that he wanted to be the highest paid player in the world and nudging Messi by 100k.

I was surprised to see Zach Greinke atop the list for baseball players – he’s well overpaid. Just goes to show how ridiculous baseball contracts have turned into in the past decade or so.
Credit here

ESPN Infographic

Cole Haan, Pinterest and the FTC


Don’t pull a ‘Cole Haan” if you’re a social media manager – that’s soon to be a thing. Here is a quick article about how a ‘content’ by Cole Haan was being investigated by the FTC and how that ‘case’ has led to a new standard that Social Managers should adhere to. If you’re having a contest with “substantial financial incentive” you have to let it be known that these people are posting and a “material connection.” Moral of the story (as far as I understand) is that you have to tell consumers “when they’ve been compensated or incentivized to endorse a product.”

One tidbit I continue to wonder about is how does one discover what constitues as “substantial financial incentive” and in turn how to tell the audience of this change.

Digiday Article

Richard Sherman needs to shut up

He always has to say something.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman is butting his head into the conversation yet again – for no reason. This time, it’s about DeSean Jackson getting cut from the Eagles. Jackson was rumored to have “gang-ties” and was released within 24 hours – that being said he also has a massive cap hit for this year and the next two years – which is the primary reason that he was released. Sherman ignores that fact. He looks at people saying that Jackson was cut for gang affiliations, when in reality, the main issue is Jackson’s 12.5 mil cap hit (2014), 12 mil (’15), 10 mil (’16). Sherman says it’s the media portraying Jackson as a bad guy and the gang ties are his downfall, not that his cap hit is huge and the Eagles have a plethora of receivers. Sherman being Sherman.

Complex sums up the story here

Twitter Engagement

Engagements on social are an ever-changing landscape, and in this article, twitter tries to shed some light on how they see engagement on their platform. Here are a couple highlights for fellow social media noobs:

  • Tweets with photos see 35% increase in RT
  • Videos: 28%
  • Quotes: 19%
  • Numbers: 17%
  • Hashtags: 16%

Just goes to show how content within twitter is vital to engagement success.

Inspiring story of 15 year old entrepreneur

This kid is about 357x smarter than I am. He took a bunch of junk and turned it into a FM radio transmitter. He wants to make a solar-powered electrical system to provide heat/electricity to his community. The kid got a three-week grant to work at MIT, work with tools, trinkets and some fellow geniuses – a really inspiring story. The video is 10 minutes long, but is super inspiring. He’s also 15 years old…