Apple buys Beats


Massive news for the music and accessories world this morning/last night as Apple gobbled up notified headphone creator Beats. Beats founder Dr. Dre then went on a solid party outing with Tyrese, who posted a video to YouTube, declaring the super producer from Compton a billionaire. Apple chucked up the $3.2 billion price tag, which ironically might also save HTC. HTC owns part of beats and will surely profit in a big way (to the tune of over $1 billion). HTC is strapped for cash so this might help them stay afloat. It’s also interesting to wonder what Apple will do with Beats…is it buying off a potential competitor? Clearing the market for a bigger play? How was this affect iTunes and Beats music platform? Tons of questions, but time will tell. Dr. Dre got paid, though.


Nike Abandons Fuelband

Making big news in the past couple of weeks in the Wearable Tech space is that Nike has laid off all of its FuelBand team. Everyone. That’s a pretty big play considering how much Nike pushed the product and created a 2.0 version less than a year ago. Rumor on the street is that Nike is focusing all of its wearable efforts on a collab with iWatch – yet another Apple product to incorporate Nike. Should be interesting how that plays out and what the shift means for the wearable tech space (which no one has quite figured out yet).

Verge story here