Slingshot hits the App store

A couple days late here, but still post worthy. I downloaded Slingshot and deleted it after the first usage, wasn’t impressed with Facebook’s attempt at competing with SnapChat. I get what they’re trying to do – get people to stay in the app and have a constant flow of exchanging messages. That being said I think the concept is horrible. Are we so compulsive to open messages we receive, that we are willing to send a blind message/image to a friend. For instance, I start a conversation with a friend with an image about my dinner. I send a picture of my food to my friend who has to reply with a message before he/she can respond. So let’s say they respond with a picture of a funny face or their car – simply because they have no idea what the conversation is about. It’s pretty much having two conversations at the same time – pointless in my opinion. That being said, I’m going to keep an eye out on other’s experiences and if it actually catches on…just like the ‘poke’ did!!

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Engagement on Facebook continues to drop

All social folks know how Facebook is…pay to get your content seen, or (more than likely) don’t get seen at all. A recent report from Contently reveals just how much brands are struggling with engagement, despite posting more. Sure, there is a happy medium between number of posts pushed out and pieces of engagement, but one would think there would be a linear relationship between the two – Facebook is giving exactly the opposite. More posts, mean lower engagements. Check out the report here.

Facebook trying to build new Snapchat?

After Facebook’s failed $3 billion bid for Snapchat, it seems as if they’re now working on their own solution. Since SnapChat updated a few weeks ago, I haven’t used any of the new features at all, and I’m not quite sure how many people have used/understand the new features. In any event, rumor has it that Facebook is stirring the pot, led by fearless leader Mark Zuckerberg, trying to create their own version. It will probably be horrible and fail, just like ‘poking’ did.

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Facebook introduces audience insights

No one likes Facebook – brands, users, dogs, inanimate objects, you name it. As a digital marketer, you’re frustrated by Facebook’s continuing algorithm changes which make organic reach minuscule. The constant need to put paid support behind posts is something that is becoming more and more important. Organic reach is down below 2% after hovering around 5% for a while. If you built a page with high engagement and far-out-reach, congrats! Now you can’t reach any of your fans, your reach, organic growth and reach are probably in the toilet.

Facebook did produce something of value in the past couple days, a new component titled “Audience insights” which allows you to take a deeper dive into insights of your audience. The insights will try to shed light on:

  • Facebook Usage
  • Purchase Activity
  • Demographics (more in depth than current breakdowns)
  • Page fans/like
  • Location, Language

It’ll be interesting to see how community managers and digital marketers alike will use this tool, but perhaps its Facebook throwing those same people a bone.

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Oh Facebook

Facebook isn’t on a whole lot of people’s good side lately, especially if you’re a Community Manager working for a brand. The changes to the algorithm have made it harder and harder to reach your audience, no matter how big or small. Facebook’s solution is to create better, and more engaging content – no kidding. Komfo just released a study in which they took a deep dive into how to try and improve your engagement, reach and growth based upon the new algorithm. It comes down to building small, localized communities and providing content that is relevant to those people.

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