Nike Soccer

New Nike Advert – ‘Winner Stays’

Gotta love Nike ads.

When people ask me why I wanted to get into marketing – specifically digital – I say nike ads. For as long as I can remember they made amazing, engaging and fun ads. It also helps to have boatloads of the world’s best footballers (soccer) to use in your ads. From Joga Bonito, to the Magista, and now to ‘Winner Stays,’ Nike always sets the bar high when it comes to ads. This one features stars Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thiago Silva, Zlatan Imbrahimovic, David Luiz, Tim Howard, Wayne Rooney, Eden Hazard, Pique, Higuain, Gotze, Pirlo, Iniesta and Courtois – almost all recognizable faces.

Nike embraces its viewers with creating scenarios in which people can relate to; playing out in the park with your lads and pretending to be the best players in the world. That is something that we have all done at some point in our lives – if you’re a football fan. And it’s a funny ad too. Irina Shayk makes an appearance, as do fellow Nike athletes Kobe Bryant, Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Anderson Silva. All around solid ad, and one that will live on til the World Cup in June.