Simply Measured

Brand’s continue to see huge Instagram follower growth

Brands love Instagram, users do too, because of super high engagement and the ability to tell stories in a visual manner. Simply Measured just released some stats that said on average, the top 10 brands on IG saw 160% follower growth in the past year. That’s pretty significant growth, while saying nothing about engagement metrics. Just goes to show that IG and visual content is the place to be.

Simply Measured article here


Instagram vs. Twitter


If you’re someone who is in tune with social, you know that Instagram is gaining ground (quickly) on twitter in terms of engagements and users. 44% of all twitter accounts¬†ever created are inactive – that’s almost half of its user base – a crazy statistic. This article¬†takes a great dive into some of the finer details in the battle between IG and Twitter. On IG, automotive companies are doing really well, and there is plenty of growth opportunities for Tech companies – especially those who don’t have a tangible product. I always wonder how companies who don’t have a physical product view instagram; do they think it’s a place where they can’t operate? Do they tell stories about company culture and the results that their technology yields? In any event, this debate over Twitter vs. Instagram will be an ongoing one.