Slingshot hits the App store

A couple days late here, but still post worthy. I downloaded Slingshot and deleted it after the first usage, wasn’t impressed with Facebook’s attempt at competing with SnapChat. I get what they’re trying to do – get people to stay in the app and have a constant flow of exchanging messages. That being said I think the concept is horrible. Are we so compulsive to open messages we receive, that we are willing to send a blind message/image to a friend. For instance, I start a conversation with a friend with an image about my dinner. I send a picture of my food to my friend who has to reply with a message before he/she can respond. So let’s say they respond with a picture of a funny face or their car – simply because they have no idea what the conversation is about. It’s pretty much having two conversations at the same time – pointless in my opinion. That being said, I’m going to keep an eye out on other’s experiences and if it actually catches on…just like the ‘poke’ did!!

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Snapchat adds ‘My story’

As SnapChat tries to stay relevant, they’re gone through a number of updates, each with middling success. Private messaging is not something that people are really looking for in the app, so SnapChat went with another update – ‘Our Story.’ The component in the app opened in conjunction with Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and aimed to get people to submit their images and videos to this stream – a public stream. I think the overarching goal was to give those who weren’t there, a “live” experience. ‘Our Story’ was released in collaboration with world-renowned DJ, Tiesto, and while I think it’s a great idea – to bring different perspectives together – I’m sure there will br growing pains.

In addition, SnapChat was rumored to be giving people access to free WiFi at EDC, as long as you used the app as well as the EDC App…the problem was that no one could connect! SnapChat’s trying to be too ambitious, but they have the right idea – service/reception sucks at festivals, and they tried to remedy that. B+ for effort, D- for execution.

SnapChat reveals branded filters

There are a few brands on SnapChat – Taco Bell, New Orleans Saints, GrubHub, etc. – to name a few, and even fewer that do it well. Brands are having a difficult time figuring out what the role of SnapChat can be; and in turn, are steering clear of using the app altogether. However, SnapChat is now working with bands on creating custom filters. VICE was one of the first brands to jump on this – having their logo in the top corner of their story. Seems like an easy way for brands to get into SnapChat, but yet to be seen what the impact is. Sample image here

Facebook trying to build new Snapchat?

After Facebook’s failed $3 billion bid for Snapchat, it seems as if they’re now working on their own solution. Since SnapChat updated a few weeks ago, I haven’t used any of the new features at all, and I’m not quite sure how many people have used/understand the new features. In any event, rumor has it that Facebook is stirring the pot, led by fearless leader Mark Zuckerberg, trying to create their own version. It will probably be horrible and fail, just like ‘poking’ did.

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